October 2019

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 

October 7

Lifesize Share will automatically upgrade overnight during the maintenance window between Monday, October 7 and Friday, October 11.

Version 1.7.3424

Fixes Ticket number
Lower default volume when playing a video SHARE-207
Unable to scroll to the bottom of the page when viewing the Device Settings page on smaller browser windows
Translations missing for Simplified Chinese SHARE-621
Issue with some video links not playing SHARE-622
Airplay option disappears after initial connection SHARE-665
Issue with the create tunnel feature on the Device Settings page which allows Lifesize Support to access and troubleshoot the Lifesize Share



Improvements to Icon pairing when using Icons 400/450/600/800:

  • Pairing code never showing to far end
  • Home screen never showing to far end
Changed the resolution for ScreenCloud from 720 to 1080 to resolve issues when switching resolution often.