April 2019

April 8

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 

Lifesize Share will automatically upgrade overnight during the maintenance window between Monday, April 8th and Thursday, April 11th.

Fixes Ticket number

General stability/performance issues


Start/stop presentation fixes N/A
High traffic requests to WebSocket cause the WebSocket to crash N/A
Issues with sharing when the Share device is set up as an access point SHARE-445
Device Only with No Ethernet is viable now N/A
Issue with Device Only and Internet Only captive portal N/A
Problem if multiple people are using the pairing code at one time N/A
Crashing when someone attempted to share when Share was processing heavy changes N/A


Enhancements Ticket number
All URLs (except google.com subdomains) redirect to https://direct.lifesizeshare.net on windows when in Device Only AP mode
N/A, and lifesize.share now redirect to https://direct.lifesizeshare.net when in Device Only AP mode
Added the option to set the display time-out to Never SHARE-446