Frost & Sullivan Video Conferencing Not Just For Executives

Video Conferencing Not Just for Executives

Remember when you had to reserve a specific conference room with an allotted time slot solely dedicated to tech prep work by IT guys in order to meet with a client over video conferencing? Specialized equipment and dedicating rooms to support old-fashioned video technology wasn’t cheap, making this hardware-centric method of communication rare outside of large organizations. Luckily, times have changed, and the pace of the business world is faster and a lot more collaborative than ever before.

A growing trend that utilizes the idea of a virtual workspace has made its name in modern businesses, as software-centric and services-based video conferencing solutions have lowered costs and improved flexibility and productivity. With desktop, mobile and laptop accessibility, cloud video conferencing has evolved to being accessible, efficient and versatile for all types of businesses.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How hardware consolidation of virtual machines on industry-standard servers can reduce technology expenses
  • How video conferencing can be utilized in a variety of different organizations
  • The benefits of cloud video conferencing services

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