Lifesize Dash Demo Webinar


In this 15-minute session, we’ll show you how to transform an iPad and a Chromebox into a full-featured video conferencing solution, provide a live demonstration and answer your questions. 


Want to learn more? View our Lifesize Dash page. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What devices are supported?
A. View all supported devices here.

Q. How do I buy Lifesize Dash?
A. Contact your Lifesize rep or partner. Don’t have one? Contact us for more information or find a partner here

Q. When would I use Lifesize Dash vs. an Icon 450?
A. View our solutions page for a breakdown of the best camera system for every meeting room size.

Q. How do I manage the Lifesize Dash room system?
A. Use the Lifesize admin console to manage Lifesize Dash room systems.

Q. Can a Dash room make an outbound call?
A. Yes, a Dash room can make outbound calls to contacts in your Lifesize account directory, as well as to SIP-based or H323 standard endpoints that are outside of the Lifesize directory.

Q. Can I do audio-only calls?
A. You can set the device to join calls with its camera off, but a Dash room cannot make an audio-only call through a phone line.

Q. Can I screen share with Lifesize Dash?
A. Yes, from the Lifesize Dash homepage select present and follow the on-screen prompts.

Q. Why does Lifesize Dash use Chromebox and not PC or Mac (i.e. Intel Nook or Mac mini)?
A. In order to make Lifesize Dash super affordable and easy to use, we built the solution on a lightweight, low-cost device. For more information, view our blog on Why we Use Chromebox for Lifesize Dash.

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