Lifesize Getting Started Guide | Personal Account

90-Second Lifesize App Overview

Learn everything you need to schedule and make your first Lifesize call in this quick, 90-second overview. Log in to the Lifesize web app at or download the app to all of your favorite devices: PC, Mac, Android, iOS.

Schedule a One-Time Meeting

Create an unlimited number of single-use, one-time meeting rooms for your meetings. One-time meetings are created with a unique URL and disappear 24 hours after your meetings end. To schedule a one-time meeting:

  1. Click Schedule
  2. Choose New one-time meeting
  3. Name your meeting room and add an optional passcode
  4. Send meeting invitation via Email, Calendar or copy to Clipboard
  5. Click the meeting link to join the meeting

Share your Screen in a Meeting

Share your screen during meetings by using the Share your screen icon. Meeting presenters are given the option to share their entire screen, a single application or a single Chrome tab.

  1. Click Share your screen
  2. Select your Entire Screen, Single application or Single Chrome Tab
  3. Click Share
  4. To stop sharing, click Stop sharing your screen

Connect your Calendar

Sync your Lifesize account to your Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar to automatically embed call details in your meeting invites and to view a list of upcoming meetings in the Lifesize app.

  1. Click Upcoming from the left nav
  2. Select your Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar
  3. Log in with your account credentials
  4. You can disconnect your calendar or modify your selection from the Settings > Integrations menu

Rename your Meeting Room

Your free Lifesize account comes with one personal meeting room that you can use over and over again for recurring meetings. Feel free to use your personal meeting room however you'd like, the URL is always the same and it's always available to you. By default, your personal meeting room is named after your account name, but you can rename it at any time to customize your meeting experience. 

  1. Click Meetings from the left nav
  2. Select [Your Name] Meeting
  3. Click Edit
  4. Rename the meeting and add an optional description and passcode

Add a Meeting Passcode

Add an optional passcode to your meeting room to prompt attendees to enter a passcode to join your meeting. The passcode will be included in your meeting invite when sent as an email, calendar invite or copied to your clipboard.

  1. Click Meetings from the left nav
  2. Select a Meeting
  3. Click Edit
  4. Add a Numeric Passcode to the meeting
  5. Click Save

Add a Contact

Share contact details with other Lifesize users to add them to your contact directory. Just enter the name and video address of your contact to build out your team directory. Find your video address in the My Profile

  1. Click Contacts from the left nav
  2. Select Add a Contact
  3. Add the Name and Calling Details for your contact
  4. Click the Star to add the contact to your favorites

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