Getting Started with Lifesize

Starting your trial

Lifesize provides free access to a full-featured sandbox account where you can test connectivity with your team for 14 days. Download the app to all of your favorite devices: PC, Mac, Android, iOS.

Lifesize Trial | 90-Second Overview
Learn everything you need to schedule and make your first Lifesize call in this quick, 90-second overview.

Add users to your Lifesize directory

Lifesize Trial | Adding Users to Your Lifesize Directory
Lifesize supports directory-based dialing so users can just search the directory and click on a name to make a call. Add your entire company to the directory in about 30 seconds.

Getting to know the Lifesize app

The Lifesize app is how Lifesize users connect to meetings when they can’t join a physical meeting room. The app is available for download for PC, Mac, Android and iOS, and we also have a web app to make and receive calls natively in your web browser.

Using Lifesize | Home Screen Overview
Welcome to the home page of the Lifesize app! Learn how to navigate the directory, add favorites and set camera and microphone preferences in this 2-minute tour.

Using Lifesize | Making and Receiving Video Calls
There are several ways to make calls with the Lifesize app. This video shows how easy it is to get in touch with your contacts on Lifesize.

Using Lifesize | Scheduling a Lifesize Meeting
You can schedule one-time or recurring meetings using Lifesize and your favorite calendar service. Just select a meeting room to meet in and send the call details to your meeting invitees. They can join from the Lifesize app, their browser with the Lifesize web app or even just by phone. And all of the options are included in the body of your meeting invite.

Using Lifesize | Guest Calling on the Lifesize App
Connecting with people outside of your directory is just as easy as connecting with your team (for both you and your guest). Just add your guest to your calendar invite and they can join your meeting right from their browser.


Using Lifesize | Advanced Moderator Controls
When you create a virtual meeting room (VMR) in your Lifesize directory, you have the ability to set yourself or anyone else in the directory as the meeting moderator. Moderators can mute/unmute individuals or everyone on the call as well as end the call for everyone. Learn more about advanced moderator controls in this video.

Using Lifesize | Lifesize Mobile App Overview
The Lifesize mobile app offers remote users more features for meeting on the go. Learn more about features like pinch-to-zoom and listen-only mode in this quick overview video.

For more information and user tutorials, check out our Lifesize App Help Documentation.

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