How a Video-First Culture Improves Communication

Professional working on imac computer in sunny office.

As the workforce evolves, more and more companies are prioritizing mobility, flexibility and modern forms of communication over private offices and seclusion. Teams are expanding their search for the best talent to include candidates outside of the hub of corporate HQ. As the trend toward remote offices and teleworkers continues to grow, the need for team communication becomes critical for not only the business but also the culture. Having a video conferencing solution that integrates with your company directory makes it easy to instantly connect face to face whether you’re across town or thousands of miles away.

Remote Employees

One of the biggest disadvantages for work-from-home employees is the feeling of isolation. Being able to see the emotions and nonverbal elements behind the words of a conversation takes communication to the next level and removes communication barriers for remote employees. It’s amazing what a morning coffee over video can do for team connectedness and culture.


While the conference room continues to be the main hub for most online meetings, cloud-based video conferencing makes it easy for anyone to connect right from their web browsers anywhere they have a decent Wi-Fi connection or right from their phones. Lifesize supports Android™ and iOS mobile devices as well as Windows® and Mac® computers, making it easy for companies with BYOD policies to enable the entire company with video conferencing.

Work/Life Balance

According to recent research by, more than half of the American workforce left vacation days on the table, totaling 705 million unused days in 2018. Traveling for work is fine, but when it starts to eat into your personal or family time, that’s a sign to look for a change. One way to push the balance in your favor is to offset your commute and work from home during peak rush hours. Video conferencing gives you the ability to kick off the day connecting face-to-face with your colleagues rather than wasting time in morning traffic. Frequent flyer miles from business trips are good, but a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle is so much better.

Video conferencing is unique in its ability to represent all of your nonverbal inflections and gestures. It removes communication uncertainty and creates better, more human interactions by giving everyone a voice and a face at the table — even when connecting from thousands of miles away. But as with any technology, remote connectivity and mobility can cause security and reliability concerns for IT, which is why it’s so important to have IT buy-in for your collaboration software.