How Video Conferencing Increases Communication Reliability

Traveling professional on mobile device with headphones on video call.

Conferencing and collaboration tools are constantly becoming faster, more secure and easier to integrate as our workplaces advance and modernize. Many companies are even transitioning into video-first organizations, meaning they use video conferencing as the first line of communication and fall back to audio or email only when needed. As video conferencing quickly becomes a business-critical function, it’s important to find not only the service reliability but also the support reliability of an enterprise-class solution.

The Best Quality (Even on Unreliable Networks)

The Lifesize cloud architecture is built to rely as little on the public internet and as little on your bandwidth as possible. When you have Lifesize calls or meetings with participants located around the world, instead of traversing the entire distance on the public internet, the call is routed to the nearest Lifesize PoP (point of presence), where it jumps on our managed fiber network to navigate the globe. The call isn’t constantly hopping among different providers like it would on the public internet, which would increase latency and produce a much lower-quality call. Lifesize is designed to take the daily maintenance and connectivity reliability off of your IT team and give you the best possible video quality. We employ modern rate control and error correction technologies to dynamically down speed calls to adjust for bandwidth limitations so that you always have the best possible call quality, period.

Safe and Secure Video Conferencing

Between the mobility requirements of your remote workers and the highly confidential nature of your business conversations, security is a crucial factor in choosing cloud-based video-conferencing services. Lifesize controls, policies and vendor management are aligned with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) best practices, and all of our communication streams support 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for all signaling. For a full breakdown, check out the Lifesize Security Overview.

Extreme Customer Support

Alongside the reliability requirements of an enterprise-class solution are the support requirements of an enterprise-class solution. One of the things we accept from free or consumer-grade services is that if it breaks — well, at least I didn’t pay for it. Support is a key element for any business-critical app, and at Lifesize, we think we have the best customer service that you probably won’t need. We are with you during onboarding and continue with you throughout the duration of our relationship, making sure we always provide you with the best possible service and earn your business for life. We are the industry leaders for customer satisfaction, with a world-class NPS score of 84, and we stand behind our service with an industry-leading uptime service level agreement.