How Video Conferencing Enables the Digital Workforce

Professionals around conference table in modern office on video call.

With a third of every workday spent in meetings [1], we can’t help but develop a love-hate relationship with scheduling and attending them, let alone actually participating in them. Utilizing video conferencing software not only creates a collaborative, modern meeting culture in your organization, it can also revive the reputation of what a good meeting should be. According to a recent survey of businesses that have deployed video conferencing, 85 percent cited an increase in productivity just by implementing video conferencing technology in their meetings [2]. Here’s why:

Faster Decision-Making

The single most compelling reason to install any technology is to be more productive. No one ever bought a fax machine to save on postage. Email wasn’t designed to save money on paper. Advances in technology for the office have always been about speeding up business. Video conferencing gets you face to face in an instant, and with 93 percent of communication being nonverbal in nature, video meetings help you make and maintain real human connections, irrespective of distance, so that you can finalize decisions with confidence.

Improved Collaboration

A unified collaboration tool is easy to integrate into your daily workflow and essential for increased productivity. While our research shows that scheduled meetings are still widely used, it also shows that more conversations are happening organically, without a calendar invitation and over shorter periods of time [3]. In fact, the average length of a Lifesize call is only 20 minutes, well under the 30- or 60-minute meetings you may be used to. Tools like chat, video conferencing and recording and sharing save time and enhance the meeting experience through persistent, engaging collaboration.

Control Your Environment

Video conferencing lets you present your business in the best light since you get to control your environment. You don’t have to compromise your home field advantage since you’re enabling your teams to present from where they perform their best.

Better Conference Room Experience

Productive meetings come from the marriage between quality technology and good meeting habits. In our recent survey, we found that by adding video conferencing technology to the meeting room, relationships were marked as improved, the time required to complete projects and tasks dropped, travel dependencies were all but eliminated and the communication comprehension between attendees became notably stronger [2]. The Lifesize conference room solution breaks down like this:

Product shot of Lifesize Icon 700.

The Lifesize® Icon Series™ has options for small, medium and auditorium-sized video conferencing rooms. Just connect the camera to the TV and the internet, give it power and pair it to your Lifesize account to start making video calls.

Photograph of Lifesize Phone HD

The Lifesize® Phone™ HD is a touchscreen conference phone that handles the audio elements of your conference calls and makes it easy to search the directory, check the room calendar and initiate calls with intuitive touch navigation.