How Video Conferencing Makes Communicating Easy

Two Professionals on video conferencing call with two other professionals.

Deploying or consolidating conferencing and collaboration solutions that cover audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing and real-time instant messaging is vital in the digital collaboration revolution. A unified and uncomplicated video conferencing solution not only makes communicating easy, but it also reduces the confusion of having too many overlapping apps, simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance and saves everyone time and energy by minimizing training needs.

A Simple UI Is Key

In a recent Lifesize survey conducted by Spiceworks, 74 percent of IT professionals surveyed across North America and Europe said that a simple user interface is critical for their users. Easy-to-use features like one-click screen sharing and the ability to call people by name instead of bringing dial strings and passcodes into the mix enhances the video conferencing experience for end users at all tech skill levels, making the learning curve a lot less curvy.

Ease of Management

The availability of cloud-based video conferencing software changes the game for the IT admin. Moving the infrastructure into the cloud eliminates the burden of maintaining and optimizing on-prem video conferencing equipment. Today, managing a video network is as simple as logging in to a web-based admin console to add users, set preferences and access usage reporting. Lifesize was designed with IT in mind — meaning we took out the parts that required constant babysitting so that users can just use it and IT can worry about more pressing matters. Check out the Lifesize Admin Console Overview for a full breakdown of account management.

The Network Effect

No one wants to use a technology solution that’s too complicated, and the more logins users have to manage, the more likely they are to abandon everything. The network effect states that the effectiveness of a solution grows exponentially with each additional person using it. This means that the easier your video conferencing solution is to use, the more it will be used — benefiting everyone in the long run. Lifesize integrates with the most Single Sign-On providers and is available across all devices, making it simple to stay connected.

Consumer-based apps and connected device services have proven how important ease of use is for technology adoption. Businesses look to video conferencing solutions like Lifesize to solve the collaboration inefficiencies brought by legacy audio and web conferencing tools with a modern, simplified, click-to-call meeting experience.