Your system in a call


Hide onscreen text Select Hide.

To hide the onscreen text and save the settings, see Call preferences > Hide or show the user interface.

Mute audio Press  to mute audio to the far end. When enabled, appears. If audio at the far end is muted, appears.
Mute video Select > to mute video to the far end. When enabled, appears.
Show picture in picture Select  > to show picture in picture video during a call. When enabled, appears. This setting persists across calls. If enabled during a call, PIP remains enabled for subsequent calls.
Change the call and presentation layout Select or and navigate to the desired layout. is not available if the call has only one available layout. Learn more about managing calls hosted by a Lifesize MCU and presenting.

Lifesize Cloud users: you can change the layout only when a presentation is active.

Move the cameras During a call, select to adjust the near end camera. Select to adjust the far end camera. Learn more about controlling cameras.
Swap camera input

(Icon 600 and 800 only)

If two cameras are connected on Icon 600 or 800, select or to swap the primary camera input.

Selecting adjusts the current camera:

  • Icon 600: By default, the HD camera is the primary input, camera 1, and the DVI camera is camera 2. Presentations are not available with two connected cameras.
  • Icon 800: By default, DVI 1 is the primary input.
Change camera input

(Icon 800 only)

If three or more devices are connected, select to change the primary input.  You can select any input, 1 through 4, as the primary or secondary source.

You can also select any input source to display on the primary and secondary displays when not in a call.  Select Dual in Preferences > Appearance > Physical Display Arrangement.

Use the keypad Select to show a keypad to enter tones.
Show caller information Select > to show details about the caller, including the system name and number, and call statistics, including the call type and protocol, connection time, and direction of the call.
Show recording information Select (or > with the remote control) while recording with UVC Video Center to show video and audio statistics of the recording stream.
End the call


For escalated calls: All participants can see the participant list and can hang up others on the call.

For calls in a virtual meeting room: The meeting moderator, or if you happen to make your Lifesize Icon the meeting moderator, can hang up others on the call. On Lifesize Phone HD, moderators have three options when ending a call: Leave, Hang Up Others or End For All. All participants can now see a full list of participants on the call.

By default, you must manually answer or ignore incoming calls. Admins can set Auto Answer and Auto Answer Mute in Preferences > Calls.

Learn more about call preferences and customizing system behavior.