Troubleshooting upgrade failures

If attempts to upgrade software fail, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a valid upgrade image.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. Attempt the upgrade again.
  4. If a second attempt fails, note the error code returned.
  5. If problems persist, contact your Lifesize Partner or Lifesize Technical Services.

Upgrade error codes

Following are the error codes you might receive when an upgrade fails.

1An upgrade is in progress. The system supports only one upgrade at a time.
2The image is corrupt. This typically occurs because of a bad image or errors during upload to the device.
3The encryption signature is invalid. This typically occurs if the image is corrupt or compromised.
4The image is missing an upgrade script. After the image has been successfully uploaded, the system runs an upgrade script for final processing. This error indicates a failure in that script.
5The manifest is corrupt or missing.
6The serial number is invalid.
7The build date is invalid.
8The software image is for a different system type.
9Unable to downgrade to the image version.
10The upgrade license expired. A current license key for upgrading the system software does not exist on the device. Contact your Lifesize Partner to renew your maintenance agreement.
11You cannot upgrade while calls are connected.
12A restore to defaults is required. The upgrade requires a reset. Navigate to Maintenance > System Reset and reset the system to its default state before proceeding with the upgrade.
13A system error occurred.
16Insufficient space to store the image.
17Failed to verify the image.
18The license server is unreachable.
19Failed to download the upgrade image.