October 2019

 NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 


October 10

Icon 400/450/600/800

Release version 4.3.0

Fixes Ticket number
Icon is caching the recording key from previous session ICON-2144
Icon fails to go into Sleep mode ICON-2319
Stats are displaying incorrect bytes per second for audio ICON-2394
Support for Presentation Stopping from third-party services ICON-2395
Icon reboots during a video call ICON-2398
Fixed "Could not start presentation, the far end might not support presentation" error message when joining calls ICON-2399
Support incoming call notification with "Add+Answer" disabled ICON-2404
Calls to Zoom are randomly failing to connect ICON-2428
Issue with port overflow ICON-2432
Video screen is black when receiving a Presentation ICON-2449
No longer displays Share instructions for presenting to far end ICON-2474
Detects audio presentation and sends a message to far end ICON-2476
Support signaling URL scheme (H.323) when explicitly added by the user ICON-2533


Icon 400/450/600/800

Factory release of version 4.2.10 

We are beginning the broad roll-out of version 4.2.10 for Lifesize Icon 400/450/600/800 products. If you prefer to use your system in an on-premise environment or not pair to the Lifesize cloud service, we recommend downgrading to version 3.4.0. Click to access the Lifesize Software Download Site or visit the Help Files for more details.