March 2018

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 

Products Affected:

  • Lifesize Icon 400
  • Lifesize Icon 450
  • Lifesize Icon 600
  • Lifesize Icon 800


March 19

Software version 3.6 for Lifesize Cloud customers

Enhancements Ticket number
Added a new sync based web pairing API
Phone HD: Added a Recents button ICON-1920
Phone HD: Istanbul time zone is no longer observing Daylight Savings Time ICON-1903
Phone HD: Clock should have the ability to do 24-hour or 12-hour clock  ICON-1864
Added HTTP proxy support ICON-1533
Added remote pairing functionality ICON-1397
Phone HD is now the default speaker on start up. This includes resetting all settings to default.  ICON-1725


Fixes Ticket number
Unpairing of system causes web user interface to be unresponsive ICON-1936
Meeting rooms are not showing on Icon ICON-1929
Icon is losing registration and disconnecting the call ICON-1923
Device paired through the web user interface via production network is reporting "missing activation credentials" ICON-1922
Icon reports "Network connection lost" and drops the call when joining a VMR with a passcode and not promptly entering the passcode (DTMF) ICON-1770
Audio defaults to phone when a phone is available ICON-1725
Icon 600: Paired icon rejecting H.323 call from AVAYA Path Finder FIX-393
Icon 800: Call drops from video to audio when a new participant joins a VMR with StarLeaf FIX-381
Icon connected as audio only for several calls FIX-319
No video from one icon when calling from point-to-point FIX-341
Icon checked in to monitoring service without a system name FIX-315
Directory API issue on icon while using RTI Control system FIX-312
Icon 600:Constantly re-registers (service unavailable) FIX-302
VPSS port overflow report FIX-301
Phone HD is rebooting FIX-295
Phone HD is frozen and unresponsive FIX-264
Icon web user interface displays incorrect language if the language is changed before logging in  FIX-224
Icon is sleeping during presentation FIX-204
Cannot call Webex meetings from cloud paired icons FIX-201
VMRs are missing from directory FIX-200
Icon 400: Pan/tilt/zoom feature is not working FIX-162
Incoming call ringtone is not received by Phone when Video call audio output is set to HDMI and Audio call output is set to Phone FIX-142
Icon 600: Upgrade script issues FIX-125
Non-cloud paired icons are losing video in calls to icons paired to the cloud FIX-85