August 2018

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 

Products Affected:

  • Lifesize Icon 400
  • Lifesize Icon 450
  • Lifesize Icon 600
  • Lifesize Icon 800


August 13

Software version 3.7 for Lifesize Cloud customers

Enhancement Ticket number
Option to select a recording owner in point-to-point and escalated calls


Fixes Ticket number
An issue with calls dropping when entering the passcode in a VMR
An issue with selecting " Do not pair to cloud" ICON-1957
Icon is not maintaining the language selection for IVR and Voice Prompts ICON-1996
Phone HD displays status as offline even when user is online ICON-1998
Icon 800: Monitor connected to second display port does not go to sleep ICON-2007
Unable to access con GUI using Internet Explorer 11 after upgrading to 3.6.0  ICON-2012
HDMI signal quality issues when using short cables ICON-2024
Icon displays invalid options for selecting recording owner ICON-2063