Using your system

You can integrate your Icon with Lifesize Cloud, the UVC suite of applications, and Lifesize Bridge. Available options depend on the applications configured in your environment.

What do you want to do?
Place, answer, and end a call Select Call and navigate to one of the available calling options:





Keypad keypad-wo-numbers (phone) or Dialer (video system)


Select Answer and (to end a call).

Learn more about placing a call and managing your video system in a call.

Initiate a presentation

Select Presentation .

To share a presentation, connect your source output (for example, your computer) to a video input: HDMI for Lifesize 400/450 or DVI for Lifesize Icon 600/800. If you connect a laptop to a video input on the system during a call, a presentation starts automatically. Read more.

Control a camera To adjust the near end camera when the system is idle, select View .
During a call, select to adjust the near end camera. Select to adjust the far end camera. Read more.
Create a recording With UVC Video Center configured, select . Read more.
Show my number Select to show the system name and numbers that callers use to dial in to the video system.
Enable do not disturb Select to reject incoming calls. When enabled, appears.
Adjust the volume Select to open a volume navigation bar.

Remote control: Select a volume level from 0 to 100. The level represents the volume as a percentage. Use the remote control to adjust the level. Tap or to adjust the level in 1% increments. Press  or  rapidly and continuously adjust the volume.

Put the system to sleep Select to put the system, camera, and display to sleep. Read more.
Show system status Select for system options. Read more.

When your Lifesize video system is idle, the screen shows video from your camera. When the Lifesize video system is asleep, the screen is black. An incoming call, showing a presentation, or pressing any button on the remote control activates the system. Point the remote control at the IR receiver (located on both the camera and the codec), not the screen, and tap a button to activate the system.



Select  to put the system, camera, and display to sleep. The video system automatically sleeps under the following conditions:

  • Ten minutes elapse without user interaction.
  • A voice call connects.

Tap on the phone or any key on the remote control to wake the system. When the system wakes, one of the following options is highlighted, depending on the state of the video system:

A system issue is present. Select for more information about the issue.
The do not disturb feature is enabled.
A call scheduled on UVC Manager is available on your video system.
No other conditions are present.