November 2019

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November 21

Icon 300/700 

Version 3.4.0

Enhancements Ticket number
Support for the Lifesize Room Controller app N/A

New CLI commands available:

  • Receiving
  • Get video mute
  • Set video on
  • Set video off



Improved CLI command support



Added the ability for a moderator to stop a presentation GEMS-4360
Audio echo cancellation support for HDMI-Out and Line-Out GEMS-4334
Support for transmission of media statistics GEMS-3640
Initial micpod support GEMS-3071
Support for disallowing conference merge GEMS-4153
Ability for integrators (3rd party controllers) to suppress messages   GEMS-4521


Fixes Ticket number
Issue with presentation audio when using IOGEAR USB-C to HDMI Multiport Adapter, Model Number GUC3C3H. We recommend not using this adapter.
Issue with "get recents directory" CLI command GEMS-4423
Issue with Icon 700 "Layout service not ready error" message GEMS-3928
Issue with audio echo cancellation



Lip sync issue on Icon 700 GEMS-3751
Issue with meeting list order GEMS-3503