December 2019

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December 17

Icon 300/700 

Version 3.5.0

Improvements to SIP interoperability for moderator's End Meeting for All action.
Enhancement to include additional information in coroner files.
Improvements to Room Controller App support including auto reconnect.


Fixes WebUI self-signed certificate requirements.


December 5

Icon 300/700 

Version 3.4.1

Improvements to Lifesize Micpod 3 LED notification when the firmware is being installed.


Fixes a call drop issue where Lifesize Icon 700/300 is connected to Toshiba/Mitel server.
Fixes a connection issue where Lifesize Icon 700 has secondary SIP registered and tries to call other Private Branch Exchange (PBX) extensions.
Fixes an issue to show the updated PSTN number in My Info on Lifesize Phone HD.