August 2019

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August 14

Icon 300/700 


Fixes Ticket numbetr
Better CLISH Directory formatting GEMS-3959
Language support GEMS-3843
Improved Automatic Echo Cancellation when using HDMI Audio Out GEMS-3827
Calendar meeting notifications are no longer delayed GEMS-3808
Unable to modify the NTP details GEMS-3703
Issue with display when using Lifesize Share GEMS-3628


Enhancements Ticket number
Improved Lifesize Share integration with Icon 300 and Icon 700 GEMS-4038
Added digital zoom capability for Icon 300 GEMS-3497
Added CLISH support for configuring USB serial adapters



Ability to customize a 4k wallpaper using the Admin Console GEMS-3952
Improved Lifesize Share user experience when devices are paired GEMS-3886

New CLI commands available

  • Move camera to a pre-defined position
  • Change presentation layout
  • Generate EVENT message for Volume, Mic Mute, and Video Mute events
  • Recording Start and Stop
  • Add documentation for "status call active"
Added support for an integrated audio mode GEMS-3678
Added default wallpaper GEMS-729