April 2019

NOTE: Ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 


April 30

Enhancements Ticket number
Ability to view meeting type in list view
Improved Search result functionality TI-1621

Enable or disable public sharing of recordings

Sort recordings by Date or Views TI-1449


Fixes Ticket number
Descriptions of recordings are not displaying properly
Dashboard is displaying data from previous user TI- 1267


April 17

Fixes Ticket number
Name and email address in profile modal editable instead of read only
Subscribe to calendar link is broken TI- 1559

Unhide Account and Public links to share a recording.

If your account settings had public links hidden, they will continue to remain hidden. The toggle to show and hide public records won’t exist yet. To change this setting, go back to the old admin console. Support for this toggle will be added in the next release.

Issue creating group contacts TI-1575


April 12

Fixes Ticket number
Admin Console access column (yes/no) for users wasn't displaying data in languages other than English
Drill down call history was not showing for specific users
Unable to remove a lecturer from the meeting after a lecturer has been added
Some accounts are unable to view the Recordings tab TI-1567/TI-1570/CS-2141
Unable to edit a meeting when maximum VMRs are met for an account
Live Stream list view pagination not showing unless page is resized
Recordings are smaller on IE 11 TI-1414
If multiple domain filters are used to restrict account creation, only the first was being recognized on invite form causing user accounts to not be created
Meeting description error occurs when using line breaks N/A
Not able to set a passcode when editing a meeting and some passcodes are missing from meeting
All one-time meetings are now viewable in the Admin Console to Admins and users with access to the Admin Console


April 8 

The redesigned admin console is now available. For details about what's new and what's changed in the latest version, click here