Joining as a remote moderator

Using the mobile app, an admin, super user, or designated moderator can join a Lifesize meeting as a remote moderator rather than as a participant. To join a meeting as a remote moderator:

  1. Locate the meeting you want to moderate within the mobile app.
  2. Tap on the meeting name to open the contact card.
  3. Tap meeting-ch Join as remote moderator.

Once you have joined the meeting as a remote moderator, you will see a list of all the participants in the meeting, including the status of each participant's microphone (on mic or off mic-off-chand if a participant is currently presenting ( share-screen ).

Note: Participants will be able to see when a remote moderator is present in a meeting by viewing the participants list.

Remote moderator controls are accessible via the drawer at the bottom of your device screen or by tapping on an individual participant. These controls include:

  • Show all or unmuted participants
  • Mute and unmute all participants
  • Mute and unmute an individual participant
  • Stop presentation
  • Remove an individual participant from the meeting
  • Leave the meeting
  • End the meeting for everyone