In-call activities

During a call, you can:

 Turn the microphone on/off   
 Turn the camera on/off
 End the call or leave the meeting  
 Add participants avatar-meeting
 Show additional controls  

 Start presentation from your mobile device


 View meeting info


 Raise hand


 Show the number pad


 Start/stop recording (if enabled for your account)


 To hide additional controls, tap anywhere on your device screen.

You can also use the following gestures:

  • Pinch to zoom in/out on video or content
  • Swipe to enter/exit Listen-only Mode
    • Swipe right to enter Listen-only Mode, which turns your camera video and microphone audio off automatically.
    • Tap to speak mic  or mute mic-off-ch.
    • Press and hold  end-call  to end the call or leave the meeting.
    • Swipe left to exit Listen-only Mode.

      Note: Camera video and microphone audio will remain off upon exiting Listen-only Mode. Tap button(s) turn on.