Manage contacts

The Contacts page lists all contacts in your Lifesize account group and any contacts that you add. Contacts that you add are only visible to you and are not part of your Lifesize account group. 

To view a contact’s details, select the contact to open the contact card. Contact details include the contact's meeting link, phone numbers, and video address. Click the star favorite to add the contact to your Favorites. Your favorites appear at the top of your contacts list.


Add a contact

  1. On the avatar-person Contacts page, click Add a Contact.
  2. Enter the name and call details for the contact and click Save.


Edit or Delete a contact

As a user, you can only edit or delete the contacts you have created. 

  • To edit: On the avatar-person Contacts page, select the contact’s name and the contact card opens. Click Edit  to update the contact's details. 
  • To delete: On the avatar-person Contacts page, select the contact’s name and the contact card opens. Click Delete and then confirm that you want to delete this contact.