March 2019

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 


March 29

Desktop and web app - Microsoft Teams

Fixes Ticket number
Reminder card image is not displaying
Bot is not responding to Schedule Meeting commands AU-146
Room should be available if the end time matches the start time of the next scheduled meeting AU-135


Enhancements Ticket number
Added translated bot responses AU-47
Updates to room reservation cards AU-114
If an account does not have one-time meetings, the bot responds with a message that this feature is not available AU-129
If there are no available rooms during the scheduled time, the bot states that there are "No available rooms"
Localized meeting description details AU-133
Ability to dismiss the Room Reservation card AU-139


Web app - Google Chrome extension

Fixes Ticket number
Connect over video URL is not updating with the correct extensions for invites WEBTOP-3115
Invite text is not updating when a new meeting room is selected WEBTOP-2793


March 20

Mobile app

Enhancement Ticket number
Improved performance while in a call


March 4

Mobile app

Enhancements Ticket number
Mobile users with video muted will show a muted icon to participants in the call instead of a blank screen MOB-2006
Added moderator controls to Mute an individual, Mute all, Remove a participant, and Hang up all MOB-557