August 2018

NOTE: Jira ticket numbers are for internal tracking purposes only. 

August 29

  • This release addresses general fixes and an enhancement for the Lifesize web app.
  • This release addresses bug fixes and routine maintenance for the Lifesize mobile app.


August 20

Chrome extension

Enhancement Ticket number
Time and date are saved when selecting Schedule with Lifesize
List of guests will not be cleared when creating or modifying a Schedule with Lifesize meeting  WEBTOP-2625

Chrome extension

Fix Ticket number
An issue with the Chrome extension not working on the first try

Desktop and web app

NOTE: Access to one-time meetings is available as an add-on to your Lifesize subscription plan. Contact your Lifesize representative for more information.

Enhancement Ticket number
Added support for One-time meetings


August 13

Mobile app

Fix Ticket number
Issue with sound coming out of the speakers after using the app, even if the speakers are not selected


August 6

Outlook Add-in

Enhancements Ticket number
Added Lifesize Microsoft® Outlook® add-in installation package (MSI)


August 1

Mobile app

Enhancements Ticket number
Allows all mobile users to see all of their Lifesize Contacts, Rooms, Meetings, and Favorites in the Directory.

Web app

Change Ticket number
Added a new field for guest email address